About St John's Church

St John's is the Anglican Parish Church of Farncombe, next to Godalming in Surrey.

We are a community of people striving to follow Jesus Christ and make him known through what we say and do.

We worship God in a 'modern Catholic' style, and at the core of our worship and identity is the weekly Parish Eucharist when we gather at God's table where Jesus meets us in bread and wine.

We offer the sacraments (baptism, communion, marriage, and penance) to all who ask us and want to make the promises they involve. We welcome all to the altar of Jesus Christ, believing that is what the Lord we love wants us to do.

We hope you'll find what you're looking for on these pages, and perhaps come to join us on our Christian journey. God bless you! 
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Some of St John's principles

We are part of the Church of England, look to the authority of Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury and Christopher, Bishop of Guildford, and accept the tradition and discipline of the Anglican Church.

We are part of the
Catholic tradition in the Anglican Church, and believe it is part of the Catholic Church throughout the world, including the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox. We are part of a Group Ministry with other Anglican churches in the area, and of Churches Together In Godalming & District, which includes other churches too.

Our worship is
sacramental. That is, we believe Jesus Christ works in his Church and in our hearts through certain acts, including baptism and communion.

Our teaching is
orthodox. We think deeply, we ask plenty of questions, but we believe in the historic Christian faith taught by the Church of England and the Catholic Church throughout the world, expressed in the statements of belief called the Creeds developed by the early Church.

Our style is
open. We don't believe we have the right to deny Christ to his people, and welcome all to his sacraments. Come and tell us your story - we will listen and do what we can to help. We aren't part of either Affirming Catholicism or Forward in Faith.

Some of St John's People

The Churchwardens are Sue Petty and Paul Rivers. The Wardens are elected each year by the congregation to represent and lead them.

The Rector is
James Rattue. James was ordained in 2005 and served as Curate in Weybridge before becoming Rector of Farncombe in 2009. He used to work as a museum curator in Wimborne, Chatham and High Wycombe.

The Curate is Maggie Stirling-Troy. Maggie was ordained in 2013 as a 'self-supporting minister' (which means she works for free!) and is a lawyer in her secular life.

Lois Warden is a lay Reader. Lois had a varied career in adult education, much of it overseas, and at St John's preaches and runs Bible study groups.

Our two Pastoral Assistants are Corinne Cooper and Penny Rivers. Corinne has lived in Farncombe for many years, is a governor of the Infants School (and many other things besides) and knows almost everyone. Penny is a former Town Councillor and Mayor of Godalming.


Three organisations we work particularly closely with are Farncombe Infants School, our parish church school for children aged 5 to 7; the Trinity Trust Team, a Christian charity providing services for young people across the Godalming area; and the Farncombe Music Club, which has been using the church facilities for several years to bring artists and bands to the village. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

Farncombe Infants SchoolTrinity Trust TeamFarncombe Music Club
Farncombe School