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St. John's Church Farncombe

St John’s is the Anglican Parish Church of Farncombe, next to Godalming in Surrey

We are a community of people striving to follow Jesus Christ and make him known through what we say and do. 

We worship God in a ‘modern Catholic’ style, and at the core of our worship and identity is the weekly Parish Eucharist when we gather at God’s table where Jesus meets us in bread and wine. 

We offer the sacraments (baptism, communion, marriage, and penance) to all who ask us and want to make the promises they involve. We welcome all to the altar of Jesus Christ, believing that is what the Lord we love wants us to do. 

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for on these pages, and perhaps come to join us on our Christian journey. God bless you! 

"Some churches are so grim. This church feels like it's giving you a hug"

"During the pandemic St John's has been a haven of peace and spiritual calm"

Into 2022 ...

During this stage of the covid pandemic, we will be endeavouring to maintain our usual programme of worship unless we are instructed to close by the public authorities. It may be that things must change at short notice - we'll try to keep people informed here, and via our Facebook page. 

What we've been saying since March 2020 still applies:

  • So far as you can, support your vulnerable neighbours, friends and local businesses. The Godalming & Farncombe Community Coronavirus Assistance group on Facebook may be helpful in co-ordinating this kind of effort.

  • Tell us if you need help.

  • Pray that the pandemic may pass through as quickly as possible, and that we may learn the lessons it may have to teach us.

  • Pray for all those affected – for the sick, for their relatives, for our local businesses who will be very worried about their futures.

  • Look after your mental health and ration your media intake! It’s not likely to make you feel any better. Remember that human beings face deep challenges regularly, and that – beyond what happens to us as individuals – the victory of God has already been won.

You can find our weekly bulletins at these links:



"Let your light so shine before people, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father in heaven"

< Matthew 5.16 >

Each year St John's raises and spends around £100K. Just over a quarter comes from renting out our rooms, and a bit from fees, but most of our income is in the form of donations. Over two-thirds of our expenditure is the 'Parish Share', the contribution we make to the expenses of the Guildford Diocese. We're not a rich church and any extra is always a help!

The button below takes you our Justgiving page, if you'd like to make a donation to our work.

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