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Family History

In common with most churches these days, St John’s only keeps the most recent of its registers of baptisms and marriages, in our case going back to the 1980s. Older documents have all been passed to the Surrey History Centre at Woking, and if you have enquiries about relatives who may have been christened or married here in the past you should contact the Centre.

The graveyard at St John’s’ is closed and there have been no burials here since 1880. The graveyard has been reorganised and many of the original inscriptions are no longer legible due to weather and damage, but we may be able to help you look for a particular gravestone. Apart from Farncombe churchyard, there are other cemeteries around the area and your relative may be buried or commemorated in one of them, especially the Nightingale cemetery on Frith Hill. You should contact Godalming Town Council for more details.

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