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At St John's we believe in worship ...

Farncombe has been a sacramental church for a century and more. We think worship - when Christians pray together - is one of the main ways God speaks to human beings. And more than that - we believe he acts, too.

Regular Services


Every Sunday:

8am: Holy Communion, a quiet said service lasting about 35 minutes

8.45am: Roman Catholic Mass held by our brothers and sisters of St Edmund’s RC parish, Godalming

10am: Parish Eucharist, our main weekly celebration; or on the 1st Sunday each month, a less formal service called Sunday Space. Both services include hymns and sermon. The Parish Eucharist lasts just over an hour and Sunday Space, usually about 45 minutes. There are refreshments after the 10am service.

Sunday afternoons and evenings: 1st Sunday in the month, 6.30pm: Sung Eucharist

2nd Sunday in the month, 7.30pm - Compline said, and sung, online. Next service: 10th July 2022, follow the link


Meeting ID: 765 7222 9677  Passcode: 94SpQU)

and download an order of service here.       

Every Tuesday, 10.30am: Midweek Eucharist, a quiet said service lasting about 35 minutes

Every weekday except Thursday, 9am and 5.30pm: Morning & Evening Prayer

Feast Days and other special services as advertised on the church noticeboards, or as published here.


is our regular special worship time especially for anyone who enjoys informality and fun!

It means what it says on the tin! Roughly once a quarter on a Saturday afternoon we

meet together for fun, and often messy, activities to help us think about the life and

words of Jesus Christ. Refreshments are served after the mess. Messy Church was

originally devised by the Bible Reading Fellowship. The next St John's Messy Church

is at 3pm on Saturday September 10th.


Forest Church events are growing (as it were) and we have decided to give it a try! Ours will be a quiet and reflective time to think about God in nature. We'll meet at the green space off Long Gore between Fernley House and Sycamore Court at 4pm on Sunday 24th July. You can find a short worship guide here.

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