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"The Villager"


More Than a Church Newsletter

In 2008, we turned our traditional church magazine, The Farncombe Review, into a free community newsletter. What began with cut-and-paste methods has changed to being professionally printed, but with the support of our advertisers we can carry on distributing the paper free via the Post Office, schools, doctors' surgeries, library, and other businesses.

As The Villager  is published roughly five times a year we tend not to have scoops, but we try to cover big changes and issues in the life of our parish, as well as interviewing local people and businesses. We report on events at the church, carry news from our local schools, and have printed articles about the struggle to keep our Post Office open and the floods in 2014 and at the start of 2020. It's part of our contribution to promoting community and understanding.

If you can't find a paper copy of The Villager, you can download past editions here.

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