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Other Services

The Holy Office
The Office comprises the two services of Morning and Evening Prayer. Both are composed of prayers and readings which vary according to the day and season of the Church’s year. At St John’s we say Morning Prayer every weekday and Saturday at 9am, and Evening Prayer is usually said at 5.30pm or as close to it as the Rector can manage! These are public services and anyone is very welcome to join in.

The Funeral Office, Memorial Services and Requiem Masses
Enquiries about the very important service of saying goodbye to a loved one and offering them to God are welcome: they are usually directed through your undertaker. Memorial Services and Requiems can be arranged at any time and we are very happy to speak to relatives about them.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, or confession, is there for anyone to use who wants to be assured of God’s forgiveness for something particular they may have got wrong in life. The only set time we hear confessions at St John’s is on Holy Saturday (just before Easter Day), but we are happy to arrange any mutually convenient time. The sacrament is private and absolutely confidential.

The Sacrament of Anointing (marking with holy oil) is usually associated with the end of a person’s life, but it can be used by anyone at any time, especially if you’re facing an operation or some other medical procedure, or a significant change in life for which you would like explicitly to seek God’s grace. Again, contact the Rector if you would like to talk about this.

House Blessings
Seeking God’s blessing on a new house or dwelling is a laudable custom and we are happy to consider enquiries within the parish.

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