Community Events -

the Spring Fair & the Village Show

The Spring Fair

For many local people, the St John’s Spring Fair on the Burys Field in Godalming kicks off the fair season. Starting as early as we do – the Saturday closest to May Bank Holiday – means we run the hazard of the weather, but we always manage! The Fair not only raises money for the church, but provides a showcase for a variety of local charities and organisations, and a cheap afternoon’s fun for families.

The Spring Fair was established in 1982 to raise money for the reconstruction of the organ in St John's, and so much fun was had that first year that the church kept it going. In 2017 we gave a proportion of the profits from the Fair to the redevelopment project at the National Autistic Society‘s residential house in Ockford Ridge. 2018’s Fair supported The Warehouse Trust which operates The Cellar Café in Godalming and Skillway, teaching practical skills to vulnerable young people, and in 2019 our giving went to the Surrey Air Ambulance.

Obviously the coronavirus emergency has put paid to the Fair for the time being. At the moment we're looking ahead to 2022.

Images are from the 2019 Fair.


The Village Show

St John's began the Village Show in 1991 as a way of building community in Farncombe, and encouraging gardeners and allotment holders to share the results of their skills. Recently the Show has branched out to include craft items and photography. After necessarily taking a break in 2020, we staged the Show again on 21st August 2021 and thankfully it was a great (albeit socially distanced) success. Thank you everyone who helped make it possible. 

Images are from the 2019 Show.